Last Friday I visited an op shop that I hadn’t been to in some time, so I could check it out.

When I arrived my friend’s niece (who works at this particular op shop chain) was standing out the front checking out the window display.

We had a chat and then she showed me a couple of items that I thought I might find interesting, including the cupboard pictured below. I love the cupboard but I don’t have enough space to house it. However, I took a picture because I have a friend who might be interested.  It appears to be in pretty good condition for and for $30 – a bargain.

I moved on and had a look through the clothes where I found a long 70s frock that was only $8. Normally these ‘retro’ items are priced higher, but this wasn’t in that section. Unfortunately the dress was way too big and had no shape for me. I considered taking buying it and taking the seams in, but it just wouldn’t have worked.

I did find a couple of books. I never knew The Two Ronnies did the annual book thing, and maybe they only did this one, but I couldn’t leave it in the shop. It was $5. I normally don’t buy books in op shops because I borrow from the library, but I had a quick browse in the fiction and picked up this American Gods by Niel Gaiman. It sounded really interesting and was in really good condition.

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