You never know what you’re going to get when you go op-shopping. I don’t usually have a set goal in mind and I find if I do I’m often disappointed. Although recently I had to get my son a dilly-bag to store plates, cup and cutlery for scouts. I wouldn’t even know where you can buy them new and I couldn’t be bothered making one and I thought surely I could get one second-hand. Luckily I did. He complained about the Disney characters on each side but I said it was either that or Dora the Explorer and that shut him up. And the reason I had to get him a new one was because he’d left his last one at a camp.

Where the resilience comes in for me is not whether I buy something or not. Realistically I don’t need to buy something every time I go to an op-shop so I’m not terribly disappointed if I walk out empty handed. And I’m certainly a lot more discerning now than I used to be. I saw some beautiful black cardigans recently but I already have 2. I don’t need another one. I have quite a few floral dresses. I don’t need another one! And I don’t buy labels that are just as cheap, if not cheaper in some cases, to buy new rather than second hand. And mostly, I don’t touch those labels new anymore.

So becoming resilient is when I do see items in an op-shop that I want to buy so I go and try them on and they don’t fit or just don’t look good on.

This happened to me the other day. I tried on 4 things expecting to claim at least 3. I walked out of the dressing room and put 3 back on the shelves.

The Cue dress that was a bit too short for me.

I wasn’t sure about this to start with but I liked the gold fabric. It was too tight around my armpits. It went back.

This looked great from the front but it was the mullet opposite of a tunic top – all party in the front and not much happening in the back. The back was shorter and just didn’t suit me. It went back.

I had success with this one. It’s a Motto tunic top made in Australia. It cost $8.

But as I was waiting at the counter to pay I checked out the jewellery and noticed the ring below. I’m a sucker for a bit of ring bling and tried it on and couldn’t leave it there. It seemed pretty sturdy and in good condition so I paid the princely sum of $2 for it.

So it’s a roller coaster ride, this love of op-shopping, as over half of the items I picked went back on the rack. But I walked out the shop feeling pretty happy with my purchases of the day. And I look forward to the next time.

Oh, and that dilly-bag I replaced, contents and all? The original came back to us Friday evening after the lad did scouts. So now we have 2 lots.

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