In part 1 I outlined my reasoning for wearing my op shop frocks during October and added photos of these for half of the month.

Below is the rest of them.

When you wear dresses every day for a month you look forward to wearing something different afterwards. I wore pants for the rest of the working week last week and haven’t put on a frock for a week. That will change as the weather warms up in a day or so.

This is an Eliza J, New York worn on a lovely spring day. Purchased for $15 a few years ago at Vinnies in Mitcham. It was a frock bonanza that day as they’d just put out new stock.

This frock is with pockets. Yay! It’s a Jessica Howard purchased in that Vinnies frock bonanza I mentioned yesterday, for $15.

A David Lawrence frock, bought from my go to Vinnies for around $15. A year or so after that I saw this same style in a beautiful silver fabric. Believe it or not, I don’t always buy frocks I like, but I think about this one that I didn’t get.

Best foot forward today in my ‘Chic’ frock. Bought a few years ago from the Red Cross Op Shop in Rundle Street. It’s a lovely knit fabric in my favourite frock style – a-line.

A little black dress is a must for any woman’s frock wardrobe. This is an original home made number I bought years ago. If you look closely, there’s lace in the pleats at the bottom too. Great detail, and fits perfectly.

The label was cut off this frock so I don’t know who made it. I bought this about a year ago for around $12.

Keeping in with the orange theme from yesterday, it’s a one-off home made frock bought from The Salvos in Whitmore Square a few years ago. I love the 70s style fabric.

The twin frock to the one I wore on 1 October. A never worn, but 70s vintage frock I bought at Victor Harbor for $8.

Lady in Red. I bought this frock at Nadia’s House of Serendipity a couple of years ago for $20. So not strictly op-shop. I always get lots of comments about this one. It sits really well and the detail at the bottom of the frock is silver.

Another one-off home made frock I’ve had for years. Accompanied by my op-shopped ‘Windbreaker’ jacket.

Yet another one-off home made frock I bought years ago. I’m guessing it’s 1950s vintage.

Casual Teaberry frock as I had canteen duty at son’s school. A busy day with year 12’s last day at school.

I bought this from the Salvos for just over $5. It needed some seam mending, so was half price. It’s a home made number just waiting for me. The jacket was one of my first ever op shop purchases a long time don’t know if you can see but it’s sparkly and it just happens to go really well with the frock.

The penultimate #OpFrocktober on this cooler day. This is yet another home made frock I bought a few years ago for around $10.

The last day of #OpFrocktober. I bought this lovely 1970s a-line number from Goodwill on Hindley Street for $28 about 5 years ago. I used to work nearby and was a regular there and remember items in the retro section costing $5. They then went up to $12, then a sharp jump to $28.


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