Three years ago I participated in Frocktober, a fundraising effort for ovarian cancer research. The idea is that you wear frocks as little or as much as you like in the month of October while raising money.

I wore a different frock every day (sometimes more than one a day) and raised nearly $900. And I kept track of how many frocks I wore were new and how many were op shopped. The latter won the numbers.

This year, I’m not raising money, but I’m still doing Frocktober but wearing op shop frocks each day instead. I have missed a couple of days but I’m going to make it through the month with pretty much a different frock every day. That’s how much of a ng op shop habit I’ve got as some of my frocks I’ve had for years.

Here is the first half of OpFrocks with their details as much as I can remember them. All of these were purchased before I thought of doing #OpFrocktober too.

I bought this at Victor Harbor early in 2017. It was brand new, but brand new from the 70s roughly. It’s a bit big, but I love the floral and it’s got pockets. I paid $8.

A Joanna Morgan frock I picked up a few years ago. I can’t remember the price, but definitely under $20.

A Vicki Vale frock purchased for about $15.

An oldie even for me – bought at least 20 years ago so I don’t remember the price. It’s a Kenwall Fractional Fitting frock. Love the old label names.

A Flowers frock bought for about $16.

Brought to you by Teaberry. Had this for a couple of years.

A purchase from Vinnies a few years ago for around $15. This particular Vinnies has been a good source of frocks for me. I love the fabric on this one.

This is a home-made frock I bought around 7-8 years ago. Don’t remember where from or for how much but I love the A-line and the colours.

Purchased from Goodwill 7ish years ago for around $10.

A Regatta frock I bought at Port Elliott (shop no longer there). It was warm when I got dressed, not so when this was taken. And as I was on holidays, I went out for a day op-shopping but didn’t buy any new frocks.

Ready for an evening out to see The Exploding White Mice.This frock is an original 70s (maybe) I got from Red Cross in Rundle Street a few years ago.

I’ve had this frock or around 10 years which I bought from a vintage shop at Semaphore. It’s a button down all the way outfit and the colours brought it to my attention.

Another frock I’ve had for a long time but it is unfortunately falling apart. It’s got iron on patches to cover up holes but I love the fabric so I keep trotting it out one last time. It’s a one-off home-made frock.

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