I had a short break away in the Gold Coast and northern New South Wales for 5 days last week. I went with my sister so we could visit our sick aunt and because we had to go to northern NSW we hired a car. Of course we had to stop at op shops along the way.

But I didn’t find anything that I wanted to buy.

I found some things I liked but weren’t quite right for me, or were too pricey.

I was hoping for a frock frenzy, but it didn’t happen. My sister found an outfit which she bought so she did all right.

I was a little disappointed but while there were a couple of things I could have bought, I wasn’t excited enough by them to do so.

Prices were on a par with those in Adelaide so that was interesting to note. And part from a Helicopter op shop – raising money for rescue helicopters (which I saw a few of but only visited one) I mostly went to Vinnies, Red Cross, Lifeline and the like as I do in Adelaide.

This frock was in Byron Bay and was in a shop that sold jewellery, new clothes and had a rack of vintage clothes also. I don’t think it would have fitted me, but I really liked the fabric.

This frock was in a little town in northern NSW that sold antiques and vintage clothing. It was priced at $75 and even with the 25% discount I didn’t bother trying it on. I already have a frock made from the same fabric, but mine has sequins for the detail not the shirring that this one has.

So really, op shopping away from home was the same as at home. It was just during a dry patch – for me.

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