I think shopping for clothes at op shops can be considered a form of sustainable fashion. After all, you’re not buying new, but recycling something that someone has already bought.

Last weekend I went to Womadelaide for 3 days and on the Monday, we went to a talk called Wardrobe Crisis:

“Respected sustainable fashion journalist and author Clare Press brings her popular “slow fashion” Wardrobe Crisis podcast to a live recording at the Planet Talks! Sitting down with Clare are intrepid documentary makers Gab Murphy and Megan O’Malley of “Walk Sew Good” to investigate the impact of our modern fashion consumption habits. These two intrepid explorers walked 3500km across South East Asia to find and document positive stories they hope will change the way people see, value and talk about fashion.”

The talk was videoed but I haven’t been able to track it down yet – I’m guessing it’s not ready. But what I did see was Gab and Megan talk about why they decided to do the hike and what it was like to walk every day. Even though it was hard, it sounds incredibly freeing living without all your stuff and just walking every day.

Unfortunately I could only stay for half of the hour talk as I really wanted to see Mama Kin Spender, but what a way to get your message across, ie hiking for a whole year especially when one of you has no hiking experience and has anxiety. The message being to get people thinking about where their clothes come from, and get them thinking about other options besides high street brands.

Unfortunately many fashion brands are not considered sustainable but there is hope is the message that came across to me before I left.

Check out their website Walk Sew Good.

There is a lot to sustainable fashion that I probably don’t even begin to understand but it certainly makes me think twice about buying a $5 t-shirt from my local chain department store.

And what was I wearing at Womad this particular day?

By coincidence, it was an op-shopped frock I bought years ago – a vintage 70s I think. And the hat and sunnies are also opped.

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Patti · March 19, 2018 at 8:32 am

Terrific look you created from your op shop adventures! I’m trying to shop with more sustainable habits too. Thanks for linking up, xo


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