None of my long, retro frocks (image above) made it into OpFrocktober.

This is probably because I had a wardrobe full of other ones to display throughout the month. However, I have a collection of these too. I’ve had this one for about 20 years.It lingered in the wardrobe for a while when I couldn’t fit into it but fit into now I do, so out it came.

I bought it back when buying a long 70s frock was a lot more economical and they were a lot easier to find. Before the advent of Ebay and Etsy you could find them in op-shops for a few dollars. Now if they are in op-shops, $20 is a bargain. But I don’t see too many of them anyway and as they are an occasional wear for me I can’t justify spending a lot of money.

The frock above is accompanied by op-shopped scarf, earrings and bracelet. I wore it to an event I help organise where 70s polyester is the norm. Go see more here.

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