When I buy clothes from op shops I usually try things on so I know how they fit (or not). This is how I found the un-stitched seam of one of my gorgeous OpFrocktober frocks.

It’s generally good to inspect clothes for defects like this, or for stains. I don’t know why people donate clothes with underarm sweat stains though.

While at the checkout buying a few items recently I noticed a stain on a skirt I was buying. I pointed it out to the salesperson and she whipped out a pack of baby wipes. She proceeded to tell me that non-alcohol baby wipes are fantastic for removing all manner of stains, including makeup, and sure enough it removed whatever was on this skirt.

It’s a retail secret I’d never been privy to before. Of course I wanted to find out more and baby wipes can be used for lots of things besides stain removal.

39 unexpected uses for baby wipes

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