Most people either like to op shop or not, but what if you’ve never really thought about it. Maybe the below will convince you?

I like the thrill of the chase. You never know what you’ll find. Often it’s nothing, but sometimes you walk out with a bit of a haul. I usually look for clothes and accessories, but op shops (or thrift stores) have a lot of things on sale in addition to clothing yourself or your family.

Here are some benefits and tips:

Don’t forget there are things you should not buy at a thrift store although they’ve got shoes and hats on the list and I’ve definitely bought those second-hand. Where else would you buy an authentic pair of 70s platform boots for $5?

The photo above was of me a couple of years ago before taking part in a safari-suit related event. All of the outfit was op-shopped (except the shoes) and already in my wardrobe.

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