I grew up in the country on a farm and my grandmother lived in the nearby country town. She was the embodiment of the country woman – in her element in the kitchen baking. Just about every time we visited, fresh bread was baking or had been baked, and there was always cake to eat. The accompanying smells wafted around in the kitchen. I still love the smell of baking bread and it always takes me back to that kitchen. The carpet tiles on the floor from a redecoration in the 1970s, the kitchen table in the middle where we would sit and wait for something to eat, and grandma fluffing around doing something.

And she always wore an apron like the ones pictured below.

When I cook I usually wear an apron. They’re handy to wipe your hands on and of course they keep spillage off your clothes.

I was at one of my regular op shops recently and I found the above beauty and I couldn’t leave it there. The detail on it is just gorgeous. It’s a bit hard to tell from the photo but there is a big pocket – super handy. When I took it to the counter to buy the woman who served me pointed out how hard that detail is to create when you’re sewing and that for the $4 I paid for it, what a bargain.

The above apron wasn’t from an op shop but I bought a few years ago now from a country town’s craft store for around $11. And you can probably tell I didn’t wash it before I took the photo – evidence it does get used.

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